Aus der Serie "24 Freunde" zum 20. Jahrestag in Hamburg


Aus dem altoba-Geschäftsbericht - Hamburg 2019

Aus dem altoba-Geschäftsbericht - Hamburg 2018


Felix Kubin, Musiker - 2016

Geka Nordn, Musikerin



Für "Leute Hamburg"


ensemble resonanz

Photos of a Hamburg-based chamber-orchestra

9 Frauen

9 woman I met in Georgia in 2011 and 2014

Hamburger Kunsthalle

Reopening of the Hamburger art-gallery 2016


A day in the editorial-staff of a newsroom


Humans in the cities and me on the tracks

Tagung und Podium

Conference and podium

Film und Musik

Moving pictures with children and adults entering different stages

Klub Katarakt

International Festival for Experimental Music

arte - PK

P-C of the German-French television-friendship

Gondeln in Tschiatura

Mobility in a small Georgian town


Russian cars in parts of the Caucasus

Istanbul Animals

The dog at the burning hotel

Freie Arbeiten

Gifts from eastern europe